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Student Name: Fabricio Moraes
Course: Sculpting and Texturing in Mudbox with Young Choi
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Boaz gives reasons and provides workflows
that demystify things that few people understand.

Bob McAfee
Advanced Photorealism in Mental Ray with
Boaz Livny
I think I've learned more about 3D for games in the last three weeks than I did in a year at college.

Kevin Fawcett
Modern Game Art Weapons with
John Rush
David is truly a pro, and the way he presented the information made that clear.

Matte Painting with David Luong

Self-Paced Training on Demand

CGTODs (Training-On-Demand) takes the best CGWorkshop course content and delivers it at a time and place and that suits you. You can work through the training at your own pace, complete the practical work and view the assignments and feedback of previous students.

Industry-Leading Artists

CGTOD  Instructors work in some of the best VFX and Game Studios in the world. Their CGTOD content is driven by real-world production experience before being tested and refined in real online classroom environments.

Each training package contains a unique mix of written and video content that exceed what is delivered on standard DVD’s and downloads - up to 17 hours! CGTODs also have resource files for you to download and use in the completion of the assignments.

The Best Student Work

In addition to Instructor created material, student threads from previous CGWorkshops have been included with each CGTOD. You will learn by watching videos, completing assignments and by seeing how other students have approached and solved problems. You can also follow the development of previous student’s work by reading the Instructor’s feedback.