Bryan Wynia

    Bryan is currently working as a Senior Character Artist at Sony Santa Monica. Previously he worked at Naughty Dog where he contributed on Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3.…

    "I really enjoy learning and you are by far the best teacher I ever had, it's nice to have someone like you to invest so much time and effort..."
    -David Marmor

    "You have really helped me make huge advances in my career. Not only am I proud of my work here but I am so excited to make my next monster. What a great class - Thank you."
    -Mark Carey

    "...this course was tons of fun, and very very useful... I will definitely make sure to recommend this class to anyone!"
    -Zakk Mattice

Learn how to create thumbnails and speed-sculpt your concepts in Zbrush.

Course Overview

Sony Santa Monica's Bryan Wynia brings you this great three week learning package where he will take you through the process of creating 3D creature concepts in Zbrush. 

Bryan will help you find references, brainstorm, create thumbnails and practice speed-sculpting your concepts. Then you will select your strongest idea to refine and evolve, polypaint and render ready for your final image.

The package also provides examples of work from three of the top students who participated in Bryan's CGWorkshop. You will be able to follow their progress through the course, view their work and read the feedback they received.

Bryan has taught a number of classes and workshops, and is respected both as a creator, and as a trainer in Zbrush concept creation. His work has featured in Famous Monsters of Filmland, Imagine FX, 3D Artist and 3D World Magazines.

Weekly Units 3
Videos 21
Total Video Duration 12hrs 06mins
Resource Downloads 148 meg


What You'll Learn

Week One

  • Gathering reference
  • Brainstorming
  • Speed Sculpting
  • Thumbnail creation


Practical Work

  • Create a minimum of 3 speed sculpts using the provided base mesh. Use these sculpt to
  • From reference generate 10 – 20 Thumbnails for your creature.


Week Two

  • Refining and evolving the design
  • Sculpting with Alphas
  • Gesture and expression
  • Preparing a sculpt for printing


Practical Work

  • Pick the strongest design for your creature and revise the sculpture. The creature should be ready for print and printing.


Week Three

  • Polypainting
  • Materials
  • Rendering
  • Compositing
  • Creating the final image


Practical Work

  • Paint and render your creature. Use Photoshop to bring everything together and create your final image.


Minimum Requirements

Software Requirements

You will need Pixologic Zbrush 4 and Adobe Photoshop. You should have a basic understanding of both of these programs.


Hardware Requirements

You will need a minimum 512mb RAM and a 1GHz. A broadband connection will be needed for streaming the weekly video lessons.